Which CCTV Camera is Best – Dome or Bullet?

A cctv surveillance system is now a vital aspect of security and is hard to ignore. The rising instances of crime in almost every Indian city as well as the world have prompt a tremendous rise in the demand of such surveillance systems and cctv camera is an integral part of a cctv surveillance system. There are many renowned cctv camera suppliers in Vadodara like Addon Technology who offers cctv camera of many types. The most common ones are the dome and a bullet one. Most people get confused in selecting any one between the two as both appear good for cctv surveillance.

Difference in range

If you are concerned more about the range that need to be covered then go for bullet as lens is longer in a bullet cctv camera in comparison to a dome. However, there are some exceptions too where even a dome cctv camera have a lens with an extensive range.

Compliance with home decor  

If you want that your cctv surveillance should not interfere with your carefully designed home decor, then domes are the best one for a pick because of their non-intrusive shape and elegance appearance in contrast to the protruding bullet ones. The bullet cctv cameras are more apt for parking space or for outdoors as they are normally weather proof. They are in fact ideal to discourage thieves and burglars as they are easily visible in comparison to the dome one which remains invisible in the ceiling.

Cost effectiveness

As per the cost effectiveness part, bullet camera is more expensive. Here, it should not be forget that it comes with a mount whereas a dome camera can be fitted anywhere in a building. Off course, there are some dome cameras which are very expensive due to their many features.

Durability factor

Dome cctv cameras are rock solid as they can endure landslides as well as vandalism. The dome cameras that bear these all are often marked “vandal proof”. A bullet camera on the other hand can easily be damaged with the help of stick or a stone.

Thus, both dome and bullet cameras are good for cctv surveillance under some conditions. It is best to specify your priorities first that whether cost effectiveness, aesthetics or robustness is more important for you. Installing such cameras requires professional help and Addon Technology offers both the cameras as with easy installation facility by virtue of its skilled professionals. If you are still confused about what will be the best for you, just drop a mail at  mehul@addontechno.com.