Rise in Fire Accidents

The huge fire that created havoc recently at a chemical unit in Nandesari GIDC in Vadodara has once again triggered the fear of fire among the city residents. This fire accident was soon followed by another fire broke out at a godown in the Bajwada area of the industrial city of Vadodara. Clearly, one thing becomes crystal clear that fires are frequent and can happen anywhere. Apart from relying on the prompt rescue work of the fire brigade officials, it is now vital to ponder and follow the steps that can prevent fire as prevention is better than regretting later. Here are some of the easy steps by which you can certainly prevent fire accidents at your shops, factory spaces or offices.

Have adequate number of fire extinguishers

Well, most of the modern offices have fire extinguishers, but the most important part is to have in the adequate numbers as per the area of your shop, office, or industrial premises.  The staff should be trained on using these extinguishers or else they will remain as a showpiece at the time of fire. In most cases, when the fire outbreak is rather a small one limited to a certain location, efficient and quick use of fire extinguishers can ably put the flames at rest from further spread and destruction.

Getting installed the fire alarm systems

Only having fire extinguisher is not sufficient and people are now more aware about the fire alarm systems that are supplied by reliable suppliers in Vadodara. Addon Technology is a pioneer company in terms of offering a range of fire alarm systems that have early detection mechanisms for heat, smoke, etc. For small shops and offices, conventional fire alarm systems like a smoke detector or a heat detector works fine, but with large office spaces or industrial areas, sophisticated alarm systems are essential.

Keep away inflammable substances

Yes, it is quite hard to keep away inflammable substances from your office, shop or factory area if the business is concerned with the same. It is for the same reason that chemical industries, paper industries and textile industries are more prone to fire accidents. However, keeping your level best to minimize these things in an open area can greatly reduce the risk and can successfully prevent fire accidents.

As a reputed fire alarm system provider, Addon Technology offers many types of systems like alarm (sounder, manual call point, remote indicator, etc.) at the most reasonable pricings. To have more information, please visit the official site www.addontechno.com.