Points to consider before buying a cctv camera for your business

Other than finding out who is the best CCTV service provider in Vadodara or the best online site to buy the surveillance camera, one must consider the following points.

Security Industry Authority

If you plan on tracking the activities of your employee, then there is no need for the surveillance staff to be licensed under SIA. However, if you monitor public activities in your premises, your staff has to be SIA licensed with Public Space Surveillance license.

CCTV information to the employee

If you consider in tracking your employee activities, it is important to inform your employees about it. It is illegal to use CCTV camera, without informing your employees. They must be informed through the HR policy. It is also required to place information plates that the particular area is under surveillance.

Where to use the surveillance camera?

It is impossible to have a CCTV surveillance system that covers every nook and corner of your organization. It becomes even more complicated, when it is a very big organization. It is important to identify the spots that are very essential for surveillance.

Know about the surveillance system

There are CCTV surveillance cameras that provide storage of four weeks of data, before deleting it. It is also important to understand how long you require the data storage and how the old data should be stored. The motion sensors, signal to noise ratio, lens type, range and thermal imaging capability are a few important factors to know about the surveillance camera.

Do you require an offsite connection?

There are CCTV dealers in Vadodara who provide offsite and onsite connection CCTV. Onsite CCTV is just another computer that works in the same LAN and is used for monitoring the premises. If you need to have an access to your workplace from your home or other places, using offsite CCTV and broadband one can remotely access the CCTV system.

One can find dealers for CCTV in many places like Surat, Ankleshwar, Bharuch and many other places in Gujarat. However, it is important to find the best dealer who would offer a reasonable price for a good surveillance system. There are sites that sell these components online too.