How to use cctv camera to boost sales in your store?

Do you own a store or a supermarket and wonder why you need CCTV camera? When you have RFID tags to protect your goods, what is the need of CCTV surveillance system? Most of the people do not know that CCTV camera has another advantage. It helps to boost up your shop sales. Yes, a security camera can help you hike your ROI.

Use CCTV to increase sales

How can CCTV surveillance help you in sales? How can one use it in ways other than reducing the number of shoplifters? Every day go through your surveillance camera and study your customer behavior. To define customer behavior, let us take an example. Your shop has noodle packs in aisle 4 and ketchup in aisle 6. If you notice more customers picking ketchup after picking up a noodle pack, you have identified a pattern of customer behavior.

How to use CCTV camera to boost sales?

  1. After analyzing the customer buying pattern, you can rearrange the products such that the noodles and ketchups are next to each other, even those who have not planned to buy ketchup too buy it. Thus, your surveillance camera helps in product placing or rack organizing.
  2. You can find what is annoying your customer in the shop. Is there enough space for the customers to move around? Which product should be placed at the far end that customers readily walk across the mall to pick it and eventually picking up a few more items?
  3. It increases employee’s positive behavior towards the customers as they are aware that their boss is watching them.
  4. It also helps to understand the brand preference among the customer a little deeper than your daily sales report.
  5. One can check on the number of customers at various points in a day so that he can rearrange the employee schedule to provide better service.

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