Helping You Keep a Watchful Eye

Keep a watchful eye when people away from home, office, godown or any other business premises with the help of CCTV systems. CCTV system also helps when you are away to live footage of the shop, offices, entrances, nurseries anywhere in the world. Addon Technology provides variety of CCTV systems at very affordable rates, also install and service the CCTV cameras. Watching eye can keep 24 X 7 security. Any CCTV systems can record the easiest about complicated recordings of your need. Our technical staff supports you to choose the suitable camera for your home or business premises. With the help of D.V.R. employers can save the recordings more than seven days. Without CCTV system, home and business are more likely to be burglarized. With the help of CCTV system you can stop theft, break-ins, and any other loss while you are away from the office. You can view all recordings of your premises on your palm through your Smartphone. There are lots of varieties in CCTV like Dom, bullet, Ptz, Ip, including analog. Our technical teams help you to decide perfect cameras for your requirements. Retailers can increase their sales and decrease small thefts inside and outside the store. If your CCTV system has any problem like outdated or cannot be use, our highly experience staff come out and solve your problems and educate you on CCTV and their services. Our highly experience engineers help you to decide location of CCTV cameras for clear visual footage and maximum coverage of your premises for your requirement. CCTV systems are far less than cost of repairing and replacing or any damage property. You can see the footage of your recordings all over the world with the help of internet.

You can keep a close eye on your house or business premises, with the help of CCTV system over the internet. You can be relaxing when you are away on vacation trips. Government sectors, educational sectors, banking sectors, private research centers all are taking benefit of CCTV surveillance system. Miami has all control and checkup on your child, pets or staff using your Smartphone or tablet. You can check elderly family members, children or pets from the business premises. CCTV system is the best security system for keeping an eye on your premises. With the help of CCTV camera you can check who is outside the door, protect your assets, and monitor your staff. Retailer can stops the misuse of his valuable stocks. With the help of remote devising you can easily manage your office or home at one touch.