Get Familiar with the Components of a Fire Alarm System

With rising fire accidents and technological advancement, it has become possible to develop some equipments or systems through which it is possible to know about a fire outbreak at the initial stage itself. In most of the cases, fire starts only from a spark and become widespread within a few seconds. The gap between a spark and a fire outbreak can make a vast difference in saving innumerable lives, which can otherwise be gutted by the power of fire. In many cases, lives are not lost but valuables are reduced to ash. A functional fire alarm system is used to prevent such disasters and is generally installed in offices, shops, industrial units as well as factories.

There is in fact no dearth of fire alarm system dealers in India. Many of the dealers as well as suppliers offer quality fire alarm systems that very efficiently save precious lives as well as valuables. As now in business units, it is essential to avert any fire outbreak in every possible manner because of the high amount of investment and reputation involved, industrial hub of Gujarat has some of the best fire alarm system suppliers in Vadodara. Other than knowing the functionality of these fire alarm systems, it is vital to get familiar with the components of these systems also.

Components of fire alarm systems

A fire alarm system consists of many different components and the components are the following ones.


  • There are initiating devices like heat detectors or smoke detectors that can detect any sudden rise in temperature or smoke.
  • Horns or lights and sometimes a combination of both are used to actually alarm people about a fire.
  • Control panel is a vital component of a fire alarm system used for re-programming or resetting the same.
  • Sealed batteries are also there and in case power fails, these batteries make possible the uninterrupted functioning of fire alarm systems.


Apart from the above, the components can largely vary from one fire alarm system to another. No longer are fire extinguishers considered enough to ensure the safety of human lives and properties as prevention is always better. There are now many providers of fire alarm systems in Gujarat and Vadodara based Addon Technology is a well-known name among these. If you want to install a good fire alarm system for your office, shop or anywhere, just visit our website and order the same.