Fire Alarms System are Important – Get Installed them Today!

Fire is dangerous if not in a controlled environment. No organization desire to have a fire outbreak, but sometimes it happens in spite of the best of precautions. If you are running a business and own a factory in which inflammable chemicals are used in a large quantity, you are running on a major risk.

Risk of losing your all belongings and expensive machineries is high in such a case as fire gutted all as it spreads rapidly in presence of such inflammable substances. The best way is indeed to get installed a highly functional fire alarm system in your factory, industrial unit, etc.

There are fire alarm system suppliers in Vadodara that supplies excellent quality fire alarm systems of various kinds to advert any such situation within time and thus saves not only your reputation and business but most importantly many precious lives too.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

All over Gujarat, there are thousands of factories and industrial units. It is necessary to ensure safety of the tons of raw materials and manufactured products. Failure in this directly translates into a major business loss which is hardly now affordable keeping in mind the high pace of competition. Among various types of fire alarm systems available in the market supplied by reputed fire alarm system dealers, the major ones are mentioned below.


  • Alarm (Sounder)
  • Fire Alarm Repeater Panel
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Heat Detector
  • Manual Call Point
  • Remote Indicator
  • Smoke Detector

It is a common belief that having enough number of fire extinguishers is enough to fight back any fire outbreak, but this is mere an illusion. Yes, these extinguishers will work only if fire is in its nascent stage and had not gets spread by coming in contact with inflammable objects, liquids or gases. Addon Technology is a reputed fire alarm system provider in Vadodara that also has its service in other cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Surat, Ankleshwar, Bharuch etc.

If you have any requirement for a fire alarm system that can alert you at any outbreak of fire in your factory, shop or industrial premises, just get it installed from Addon Technology.

Our professionals are diligent and extremely knowledgeable to carry out the installation work without disturbing the aesthetic appeal of your office interior or shop. For more information, please visit our website We offer our various fire alarm systems at the most reasonable rates in the industry.