Explore the Difference between High Definition and Traditional CCTV Camera

Are you thinking of hiring services of a security solution provider for the installation of cctv surveillance system at your home or factory? If yes, then it is best to have some knowledge about high definition cctv camera available in the market before installing one of them by the hired professionals. High definition cctv camera is the most sought after camera in India due to its ability to catch images in a crystal clear manner for recording. Earlier, traditional cctv camera was used popularly, but the advent of HD camera outperform the former within no time due to a number of reasons.

High Definition vs Traditional CCTV Camera

High image resolution is the main difference between the two cameras. After all, cctv camera is installed to ensure security and to deter people from engaging in risky behaviors and criminal activities. If the image obtained is of poor resolution, then it becomes difficult to catch the culprit in most of the cases. Image resolution of a traditional cctv camera is about 704 x 480 which is touted as D1 resolution.

Some traditional cctv camera also capture larger images but the traditional DVR has a limit of only 704 x 480 resolution. However, HD cctv cameras can capture images of a fairly high resolution i.e. 1920 x 1080. This is something at par with the images that we see on high definition television and in movies. Another major difference between the two is that with the help of a high definition CCTV camera, it is possible to zoom an image without causing it to have an over pixilation as in case with the traditional one.

In most of the cases, digital zoom plays a major role to confirm an act (theft, robbery, etc). There is also a marked difference in price between the two, but this does not deter buyers to opt for the HD one as it offers a more comprehensive cctv surveillance. If you want to hire professional services for installation of cctv camera then contact Addon Techno.

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