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Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

  • 1, 2 & 4 Loop Addressable Control Panel
  • Battery backed real-time clock (2 & 4 loop)
  • Independent sounder circuits
  • 2 x onboard monitored inputs
  • Optional programmable key switch for selected functions
  • Display: 6×40 character (240×64 pixels) blue liquid crystal display with backlight illumination
  • Control Keys: Evacuate, Silence/Resound, Mute Buzzer, Extend Delay, System Reset, Show Alarm Zones
  • Programmable Keys: 2 independent programmable function keys and LED indicators
  • Programming Keys: 12 button alpha numeric key pad inc cancel and return keys plus 4 navigation keys and an OK key
  • Indicators: Fire, Fault, Disablement, Test, Buzzer Muted, Delayed Mode, Sounders Silenced, Sounders Disabled and Power. Also dedicated fault LEDs for System Fault, Supply Fault and Earth Fault.