• We can offer you a complete service for a whole project from the planning stage through to cabling and supply and installation of Security Serveillance Systems.

  • fire alarm system
  • cctv system installation
  • access control system
  • gata automation


Addon Technology is a security solutions company established in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We provide a comprehensive list of products related to surveillance systems, security systems and other automation products including repair and maintenance services to both Business and Private Clients throughout Gujarat.

Our services range from installing and supporting peer to peer networks through to multi site organizations. Addon Technology has been well known for their technical expertise as well as attention to detail and commitment to supporting their client base. If you compare this with quality equipment and service, we are an unbeatable team.

What all our Customers have in common is that they want to deal with a Company that cares as much about the after sales service they provide as they do about installing in the first place.

Our Technology Partner

Fire Alarm Systems
Burglar Alarm Systems

CCTV Camera Systems
Fire Safety Systems
CCTV Security Systems


One more reason to choose us.

We will assure you that we present our proposal to you that are complete in all aspects which include company information, system and professional specifications.